In a world of staggering technology advancement, it has proven difficult to find technicians in the field of manufacturing. The scarcity of technicians is pronounced for companies of handmade products, which require advanced skills and precision. AOS provides a solution to advance an almost forgotten trade.

Advanced Orthodontic Solutions, aka AOS, manufactures automated wire forming machines and develops CAD/CAM software for the Orthodontic Market. AOS was incorporated in 2017 and is currently based in Tampa, Florida in a 53,000 square feet building. READ MORE

The micro-line of programmable CNC wire bending machinery is capable of producing two and three-dimensional wire forms with a wire diameter range of 0.1 to 1 mm (0.004” to 0.039”). The latest MB1 revision uses wire on a 10Lbs (approx. 5kgr) spool, eliminating material waste and downtime.

  • AOS Revolutionizes Micro CNC Wire Bending!

Its small footprint and 120 / 240 VAC power requirement allows the users to set up on an office table. Using JawDraw®, a 3D CAD / CAM software package, will allow for flexibility and simplicity in designing wire products. Our machine dependent software, SmartEditor®, will allow the user to program a variety of different 2D/3D shapes by simply entering the wire lengths and angles. However, these two software packages have built in integration, so the user can design a wire product using JawDraw® and have the machine bend it by simply pressing print. READ MORE