The MicroBender line of programmable CNC wire bending machinery is capable of producing two and three-dimensional wire forms with a wire diameter range of 0.5 to 1.2 mm (0.020 to 0.045*). Our latest MB1-V7 revision continues to use wire in spool form, eliminating material waste and downtime.

Its small footprint and 120/220VAC power requirement allows the users to setup on an office table and create wire products designed with the use of JawDraw®, a software package that provides flexibility and simplicity in design. JawDraw® allows users to quickly draw a custom appliance by selecting preset forms from its library of templates, our software also allows users to make micro adjustments to each wire segment for a perfect custom fit. Preformed wires can be sent to bend instantly.

Advanced technology supported by brushless servo motors and a digital controller allows for high operating speeds with exceptional accuracy and repeatability in the final product.

An Automatic Tool Calibration module is also included for an easy and precise setup for different materials and wire diameters. “Dial-A-Service” allows remote access to any machine worldwide, via the Internet, so that diagnostics can be completed within minutes.

*040 & 045 some additional hardware is required.