Corporation History


In a world of staggering technology advancement, it has proven difficult to find technicians in the field of manufacturing. The scarcity of technicians is pronounced for companies of handmade products, which require advanced skills and precision. AOS provides a solution to advance an almost forgotten trade.

Advanced Orthodontic Solutions, aka AOS, manufactures automated wire forming machines and develops CAD/CAM software for the Orthodontic Market. AOS was incorporated in 2017 and is currently based in Tampa, Florida in a 53,000 square feet building

Some History:

AOS is a sister company to AIM, Inc. which was founded in 1992 (
Since 1992, AIM, Inc. has been developing and manufacturing CNC wire forming solutions for manufacturers of industrial wire components, in the Automotive, Locomotive, Appliance, Agricultural, Point of Purchase, Construction and Lighting markets to name a few.

Having 25 years of experience in increased precision machine manufacturing, Aim, Inc. decided to expand into other markets. With the Industrial and Medical / Dental markets both requiring wire bending solutions, AOS was created.

AOS, formed it’s Engineering, Sales, Software, Production, Assembly and Support departments, to work alongside with AIM, Inc. A new facility was acquired for AOS, in Tampa, Florida, to accommodate its growing needs. Aim Inc., our original facility located in Addison, Illinois, remains as a “satellite location.”

AOS brings you the AOS MICRO Bender MB1

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